Midwest Golden Doodle Puppies

Our precious Indiana puppies are looking for new homes!

Meet Sammie

I'm an F1b Golden Doodle

Sammie is an F1b. This means she is 75% poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. The Poodle in them makes this generation hypoallergenic and low shedding. She is our little blessing and on-site permanently.

Sammie's Mom and Dad

Sammie's dad is 100% poodle and her mom is a Goldendoodle (50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever), which makes Sammie an F1b.

Tucker and Sammie's Marriage Created ... 

We are proud to offer F2b Goldendoodle puppies. Tucker (dad) is an F1 and Sammie is an F1b, creating F2b puppies. Basically, this means the puppies are second-generation Goldendoodles. They are commonly known as the 'Teddy Bear' faced dog. F2b's have a high success rate to be non-shedding and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

Here's Tucker

I'm an F1 Goldendoodle

Tucker weighs in at 62 pounds and Sammie is 38 pounds. The approximate weight for these puppies could be 45-50 pounds. This is considered a 'standard size'. Again, this is only a guess as each dog is different and nothing can be guaranteed. F2b's can vary in coat types including loose-wavy, straight, and curly. An F2b is 62.5% Poodle and 37.5% Golden Retriever.

You might look at these two websites to learn more.  F2B Explained and Wiki on Goldendoodles

Our Females

Bonnie "Adopted 2019"

7th born female. This girl is stable, solid and a leader of the pack. She is gentle and tends to be on the bottom of the napping pile.  She is talkative when it comes to  looking around for mom.

Female, born 12:10am 6/30/19, available 8/24/19

Bo-Peep "Adopted 2019"

8th born female. She is known as our ‘bonus girl’ as we thought Sammie was done. She is strong with a warm personality. She will let you cuddle with her and enjoys being around for the ride.

Female, born 1:01am 6/30/19, available 8/24/19

Jessie "Adopted 2019"

4th born, first female. She came out ready to eat. She is spunky and always on the move. She loves to give kisses and curl up in a ball to sleep. She’s a cuddler for sure.

Female, born 10:45pm 6/29/19, available 8/23/19

Gabby "Adopted 2019"

5th born female. She doesn’t know a stranger and is very playful. She is strong and somewhat independent. Just like the rest, you will fall in love once you see her.

Female, born 11:15pm 6/29/19, available 8/23/19

Our Males

Andy "Adopted 2019"

6th born male. He is our ‘talker’ & loves to express himself when getting comfortable for a long nap.  He enjoys making his presence known as a mama’s boy, usually under her front paw.

Male, born 11:41pm 6/29/19, available 8/23/19

Woody "Adopted 2019"

2nd born male. This little guy is small but mighty. You will usually find him cuddled up by mama’s face.  He is definitely a lover and has a very gentle spirit. He’s so easy going, not to mention cute!

Male, born 9:55pm 6/29/19, available 8/23/19

Buzz "Adopted 2019"

3rd born male. He is strong and active & does everything with purpose. Nothing gets in his way. He is usually the one on the bottom of the sleep pile and holds everyone together.

Male, born 10:24pm 6/29/19, available 8/23/19

Duke "Adopted 2019"

Sammie’s first born was a male. He is definitely independent and not afraid to go against the grain. He’s a good sleeper and doesn’t know a stranger. He’s a gentle giant and a natural born leader.

Male, born 9:50pm 6/29/19, available 8/23/19

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